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Tusken Raider

The Tusken Raider

"Tusken Raiders are one of the most identifiable character groups in Star Wars. Threatening. Mysterious. Iconic."

The name Tuskens goes back to the second draft of Star Wars from January 1975, which mentions them as soldiers of the Empire. The third draft (August 1975) already names the Tusken Raiders as desert dwellers who ride on banthas and who attack Luke. The Sand People, as they are also called, were designed by Ralph McQuarrie, who envisioned them as mutated humanoids. Their goggles, mouthpiece, and filter were an evidence of their mutations, according to McQuarrie. The unique sound of the Sand People, derived by Ben Burtt from barking mules, certainly added to the popularity and the mystery of the species.

Luke Skywalker first mentions the Sand People when he was searching for the runaway astromech droid that his uncle had purchased from Jawas. The next morning, C-3PO and Luke ventured out far beyond the boarders of the Great Chott Salt Flat Community where they picked up Artoo’s trail in the Jundland Wastes. Luke didn’t have a clue that they’d been spotted by Sand People. One of them even tried to target Luke’s X-34 landspeeder before another Tusken convinced him otherwise. When Luke and C-3PO found R2-D2, his scanners had picked up several creatures approaching from the southeast. Luke did indeed see two banthas, but he never saw the approaching Tusken coming…


DZ-22187's Original Trilogy Tusken Raider Costume

This costume took me over a month to complete and the gaffi stick another couple of weeks on top of that.

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Costume Standards

Start by gathering materials and kits. 

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How To Tusken Tutorials

I plan to add pictures and info on my build in order to help anyone else out there who is stuck